In 2007 I was introduced to a cause called Invisible Children. They utilize documentaries and the power of stories to end a conflict going on in East Africa. The stories they introduced me to were about child mothers, child soldiers, and HIV/AIDS orphans. These children inspired me to help raise over $20,000 dollars and in turn they rewarded me with a informational trip to Northern Uganda where they started their work.

Since then I’ve devoted my free time to fundraising, advocacy, and awareness events. I even cofounded a student organization called Spartans Who Inspire Change whose sole purpose was to build awareness on campus for the various conflicts happening around the world. I then made my way to Accra, Ghana for three months through a study abroad internship with Michigan State University. While living side by side with local students in a hostel, learning how to navigate the city, making meals, and living in a developing country, I worked at a NGO called The Ark Foundation, Ghana. This women’s rights organization introduced me to community leaders around Accra and in the NGO world. I returned home to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in International Studies.

For the future I will continue my dedication to revitalizing war torn communities, ending hunger, supporting education, and expanding women’s rights. By devoting my time to organizations with goals and missions similar to my own, I will be able to make the difference I want to see in our world.


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